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As a kid, for most of us, the idea of going to the doctor to get a shot, was just the worst. We’d fake feeling better just to avoid such confrontation with needles. So to think of something where we will have not one, but at least 5 to 10 needles stuck into us at one time, well, that’s unthinkable. But, with acupuncture needles though, we have realized that they are rather painless, and not to mention the immediate relief and long term benefits. Needle therapy includes the inclusion of slender needles through your skin at vital focuses on your body. A key segment of customary Chinese medicine, needle therapy is most normally used to treat pain. Progressively, it is being utilized for overall health, including pressure and stress.

Depending on the reason for wanting this therapy, there are specific points that the needles are placed at. To comprehend the basics of needle therapy, it’s best to acquaint yourself with the needle therapy point system. Originally acupuncture points were initially compared to the 365 days of the year. These focuses were mapped to 14 significant channel lines, one channel for every one of the 12 internal organs, one channel along the spine (called the overseeing vessel), and another along the midline of the midriff (called the origination vessel). After some time, the number of points distinguished by acupuncturists has extended, growing the needle therapy point system. There are extra channels with their own arrangements of points, unique points that are located off channels, and complete maps of body structures by focusing along the ears, nose, scalp, hands, feet, wrists and lower legs.

In spite of the developing number of needle therapy treatment zones, most needle therapy doctors utilize the customarily distinguished focuses on the 14 fundamental channels. Each channel has few points utilized over and again for their adaptability in treating a wide assortment of infections. Each point is related with a list of diseases and illnesses they can help treat, however in some cases a specialist will choose points dependent on the Chinese hypothesis of adjusting the qi stream — or vitality stream — in the channels. So a point may be utilized during medications for different sorts of sickness besides those recorded on the needle therapy chart, because of its value in this balancing process.

Acupuncture points are located in all areas of the body. The appropriate points are sometimes far from the area of your pain, which I know you would assume would be the area of target. During the process of this therapy, there are most likely just three stages that involves the needles being in and out of your body. Such are:

Needle insertion: the needles are embedded at different depths for each vital point on your body. The needles are slender, so for the most part there is little uneasiness, although there are those who don’t feel them being inserted at all. Somewhere in the range of five and 20 needles are utilized in an average treatment. You may feel a gentle tingling sensation when the needle arrives at the right depth.

Needle control: the practitioner may tenderly move or spin the needles after being placed in position. They may apply heat or gentle electrical pulses to the needles. 

Needle removal: the needles stay in the same position for 10 to 20 minutes while you lie still and unwind. There is normally no discomfort when the needles are expelled.

 A few people feel loose/relaxed and others feel stimulated with energy after a needle therapy treatment. In any case, not every person reacts to needle therapy the same, some not at all. In the event that your symptoms don’t start to improve within a few weeks, needle therapy may not be for you.

Needle therapy stimulates points on or under the skin called needle therapy points or acupressure point, releasing the qi. One significant theory is that needle therapy works through neurohormonal pathways. Essentially, you put the needle through a focal point in the body and stimulate the nerves. Each point is linked to the 12 Meridians that identifies with specific organs of the body. The 12 standard meridians, additionally called Principal Meridians, are partitioned into Yin and Yang gatherings. The Yin meridians of the arm are Lung, Heart, and Pericardium. The Yang meridians of the arm are Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Triple Burner. The Yin Meridians of the leg are Spleen, Kidney, and Liver. Some ordinarily utilized needle therapy focuses include:

Internal organ Channel: LI4, Hegu

This point is situated on the posterior of the hand between the thumb and first finger. The essential utilization of this point is to mitigate torment and treat fiery and hot ailments.  

Lung Channel: LU7, Lieque

This point is situated over the wrist within the arm. It is utilized to treat a few issues of the chest area, migraine, neck  numbness, asthma, sore throat, facial loss of motion and wrist conditions.

Stomach Channel: ST36, Zusanli

This point is situated on the top of the leg, just beneath the knee. It is useful for stomach related issues. Research shows that utilizing this point brings about beneficial outcomes in treating sickliness, insusceptible insufficiency, exhaustion, and various infections.  

Spleen Channel: SP6, Sanyinjiao

This point is situated on the inward side of the leg simply over the lower leg. Despite the fact that it is on the spleen channel, which for the most part impacts the stomach related framework, this point is likewise important for treating hormonal issues, (for example, unpredictable monthly cycle) and resistant issue.

Gallbladder Channel: GB20, Fengchi

This point is situated at the base of the skull where it joins the neck toward the rear. It is utilized in the treatment of  the regular cold, flu, migraine, neck pain and fever. Likewise, it brings down fast pulse rate.

Liver Channel: LV3, Taichong

This is situated on the highest point of the foot, between the first and second toes. It is utilized to adjust passionate vitality, to control period, to lessen pain in the chest, treat eye issues, ease cerebral pains, and decrease hypertension.

Pericardium Channel: PC6, Neiguan

This point is situated on the internal arm, simply over the wrist. Like different points on this meridian, it is valuable for cardiovascular issues, for example, heart palpitation and angina pectoris. It is additionally helpful for queasiness, spewing, fits and seizures.

Heart Channel: HT7, Shenmen

This point is situated on the external side of the wrist. It is utilized in the treatment of an assortment of mental issues, for example, inattentiveness, sleep deprivation, upsetting dreams, craziness, sadness, unsettling and dysfunctional behavior. It is likewise utilized in the treatment of coronary illness and weakness.

Urinary Bladder Channel: BL40, Weizhong

This point is situated at the back of the knee. It is used in the treatment of back agony, hip impedance, leg and stomach pain, sickness and numerous different illnesses.

Kidney Channel: KI3, Taixi

This point is found simply behind the internal lower leg. It is utilized in a few territories of the body, for sore throat, toothache, deafness, tinnitus, discombobulation, asthma, thirst, sleep deprivation, lower back agony and menstrual anomalies.

Triple Burner Channel: TB5, Waiguan

This point on the channel is situated on the external side of the arm, over the wrist. It is basically utilized in treatment of issues along the pathway of this meridian, that is, of the fingers, hands, arms, neck, ears, cheek, and top of the head.

Small Intestine Channel: SI3, Houxi

This point is situated on the hand, beneath the little finger. It is utilized for treating mental issue, numbness and undeniable irritation, seizures, night sweats and fevers.

Administering Vessel: GV20, Baihui

This point is situated at the highest point of the head. It is customarily applied in the treatment of different mental issue, and for cerebral pain, vertigo, ringing in the ears and nasal obstacle.

With each focal point, though it may be a lot to understand, at least you are able to identify beforehand what would be best for your condition should there be one. Your acupuncture practitioner can fully explain in a better light, so speak with them before making any decision regarding your treatment. Just remember that there are meridians which reflect the organ of the body, and there are focal points for each.