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For thousands of years, Cupping Therapy has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and to improve blood circulation, boost immunity and detoxify and balance the body’s yin and yang. At WonderPoint, we take it one step further with Cupping Therapy +Plus™, our modern blend of cupping that also includes Far Infrared, Magnetic Resonance, and Oxygenation to improve your health. Our clients describe a deep, soothing sense of relaxation and pain relief almost instantly once treatment begins – call today and see how Cupping Therapy +Plus™ can help you!

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Cupping Therapy

What Is Cupping Therapy?

For thousands of years, Cupping Therapy has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in  Ancient Greece and Rome – to improve blood circulation, unblock Qi(Energy), boost immunity and detoxify and balance the body’s yin and yang functions.


Cupping Therapy +Plus™ – Green, Fast, Effective!


Cupping Therapy +Plus™ is quietly becoming a fashionable lifestyle choice for people looking to rejuvenate their health, improve their appearance and experience a true Wonder Point feeling of radiant wellness.  Innovative, non-invasive new technologies help to stimulate and effectively ‘kick-start’ our body’s healing response. These dramatic added benefits are the result of Far Infrared, Magnetic Resonance and the Negative Ion and Oxygenation injection features of modern cupping technology.


Cupping Therapy +Plus™ has been shown to relieve fatigue and many other chronic conditions – enhance physical function by increasing the flow of Qi(Energy) and blood circulation – alleviate asthma, abdominal pain, headache, coughing,  swelling, joint pain, dizziness – and many other health challenges.

The 9 Benefits Of One Session Of Cupping Therapy +Plus™ Treatment

1. Cupping Therapy


Improve Blood circulation, unblock Qi(Energy), boost immunity and detoxify and balance the body’s Yin and Yang functions.


2. Deep Tissue Massage


Focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.


3. Reflexology


Relaxation and stress reduction, Improved blood circulation, Enhanced energy and vitality, Normalization of the body’s natural function, Relief from tension headaches and digestive disorders.


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4. Acupuncture


Stress relief by opening energy pathways, help with emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, and smoking addictions. Adjusts and alters the body’s energy flow, therefore it allows faster healing from various forms of physical ailments.


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5. Magnetic Resonance:


At 7200 times per minutes – this magnetic frequency penetrates deeply into the skin, activating dormant cells, scrambling excess fat, enhancing self-healing and blood circulation and diminishing toxic and energetic blocks like fibroids.


6. Spinal Realignment:


Improved blood circulation softens muscles, restores elasticity and allows the spine to naturally realign.


7. Far infrared Energy:


Infrared can be divided into near, middle and far infrared. Far infrared is the most beneficial wavelength for the human body and can improve blood circulation, regulate autonomic nerves, enhance metabolism, reduce inflammation and joint and muscle pain and also improve immune function.


8. Negative Ion Energy:


Negative ions (like the ones we experience after a (rainfall) are essentially “air vitamins” that can improve sleep, regulate emotions, oxygenate and enhances immunity and contribute to the prevention of respiratory diseases.


9. Oxygen Injection:


Everyone knows oxygen is the key ingredient to life. It affects our energy, our appetite, our intelligence and our efficiency. Injecting oxygen into the cells can relieve fatigue and improve brain function dramatically.  Oxygen is the most important ‘vitamin’ we can take to strengthen and revitalize our optimum cellular health.

What Are The Benefits Of Cupping Therapy +Plus™ For Your Back?

The spine of the human body is often compared to the Chinese symbol for power and hope because our back is the main component of our human body trunk which houses our nervous system –  our meridian system and our immune system. Our back is our health zone – the main channel of our central nervous system with nerves that feed our limbs, our internal organs and communicate information directly to and from our brain. Important energy lines and meridian points located in our back directly govern our body’s health. Keeping our spine aligned by keeping these critical energy points and lines stimulated and unblocked – has a dramatic and positive impact on our wellness.


Recent scientific cell research revealed that hidden ‘sleeping’ immune cells live in the subcutaneous skin tissues of our back – and that when stimulated they awaken, actively circulate in our bloodstream, eliminating harmful bacteria and improving our body’s immune capacity.

Understanding The Conditioning Reaction

People schooled by western medicine typically look for quick solutions to alleviate their symptoms.  But this is temporary relief – and doesn’t address the underlying dis-ease that created the symptoms in the first place.  


People conditioned by TCM thinking (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – understand that disease and dysfunction take a long time to develop in our body – therefore, it will take time to detoxify, treat, and naturally return our body to wellness.  It requires patience, self-nurturing, and commitment to stay the course and complete your healing journey. And every step of the way, it is our Wonder Point Wellness mission to help and support you to achieve your own radiant health.


So, be advised that when you fully commit to point your way to wellness, be prepared for a conditioning reaction that may take clarity to understand. Sometimes, the body will respond with ‘balancing’ actions that may seem unfamiliar and temporarily uncomfortable – but these reactions are important, natural and positive responses in our body’s program of self-repair.


We are always replacing old cells – our body is in a constant state of repairing and renewing our cells:


  1. Stomach cells are renewed weekly.
  2. Skin cells update every 28 days.
  3. Red blood cells are updated every 120 days.
  4. Liver cells are replaced every 180 days.
  5. Every year, approximately 98% of our cells will be renewed – with the exception of bone cell renewal, which takes up to 7 years.
The Following Conditioning Responses Are Possible And Positive!

ITCHY SKIN – can indicate blood sugar instability, kidney disease, cancer, parasitic disease, endocrine disorders and more. Skin issues can reflect extensive blockages to the flow of our natural healing force, called Qi.


INCREASED or NEW PAIN – increased blood flow now pushes against distressed tissue and energetic blockages, restoring elasticity and cellular nourishment, which can feel like a sudden ‘wake up’ call to the cells which are functioning poorly or not at all.


OTHER SYMPTOMS – When we begin to restore our health – remove Qi blockages and toxins – align our spine – and nourish our organs – disease can resolve and release in unusual ways. Stagnant Liver Qi can release through our eye ducts; headaches and nausea can indicate toxin release and cleansing; cloudy urine can reveal our kidneys are clearing and healing.


PREPARE TO SLEEP – One of the most common and beneficial reactions post-treatment is a deep desire and need to sleep. This is one of the most important and natural responses the body can have.


REST is how our body heals. And only rest will allow your body to do what it needs to do to repair and renew. So prepare to sleep, deeply and restfully.

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New – The Science Of Cupping Therapy

Read new modern, empirical science about Cupping Therapy and its benefits!

What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to cupping therapy. Everyone’s body is different, and what may work for one person may not work for another. This is, in fact, the beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine  – it succeeds where more “common” scientific treatments have failed.


Eat prior to your appointment

A good guideline is to eat about two hours before an cupping appointment.


Give yourself plenty of time to relax

Regardless of when your appointment is, put it in your calendar as 15 minutes earlier.


No cellphones - turn it off!

This is your time and no one else’s. Make it count.

“Called to book a last minute appointment and they got me in right away! I was provided cupping plus and an acupuncture message. I was very pleased with their desire to facilitate care and fit me in last minute. They even gave me extra time without charging me extra. All of the therapies provided were explained in depth and I felt well provided for. I will be returning for sure!”

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